• Natalie

Where To Buy Natural Makeup

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

It can be a little hard to find high-quality, natural, cruelty-free makeup & skincare in the usual places i.e. Sephora, David Jones, Myer etc. So I’ve listed some of my favourite places to shop online for beautiful products along with a couple of physical stores where you can actually swatch and try out the products before buying.


NOURISHED LIFE - This is definitely Australia’s biggest online store for natural beauty & lifestyle products. They have a huge range of products from super affordable to a bit more on the pricey side, with a really great loyalty & rewards program. Not all of their products are vegan but they have a large selection of vegan items. I love reading the customer reviews before purchasing and really appreciate the generously sized samples you can purchase.

BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE - Another amazing site that has a boutique style vibe, with a smaller but more curated range of products than Nourished Life. Again, they aren’t fully vegan but do allow you to filter the products by this option. They have a fantastic rewards program and offer free samples when you spend over $50.00, $100.00 & $200.00 with the choices becoming more luxurious depending on how much you choose to spend.

FLORA & FAUNA - Australia’s largest cruelty-free & totally vegan shop with the cutest little piggy mascot. Flora & Fauna make it super easy to shop knowing that everything on their site is 100% vegan & cruelty free. They also are incredibly conscious of how they run their business and are a certified B Corp company ensuring that they are committed to driving social and environmental change through their business practices.

I AM NATURAL STORE - I.A.N.S stocks a great variety of luxe, high-end products. Again, they aren’t entirely vegan but do stock a good amount of vegan products. They’re another store with a great rewards program that allows you to move up tiers and get better rewards the more you spend.


CLEAN BEAUTY MARKET - This store reminds me of a MECCA Cosmetica turned natural. It’s super cute and you can actually walk in and see the products in person with help from the staff. The store is located in the Gold Coast however they do have an online store which ships to all of Australia.

MECCA - Speaking of MECCA, they have been trying really hard to get into the clean/vegan beauty realm. In my opinion they’re doing okay-ish but could be way better. There are a few products that meet the natural & vegan criteria such as the RMS beauty Swift Shadows and the Un Powder which are available in selected stores, but a lot of the other products come off as a bit greenwash-y. I definitely recommend that you research the products and their ingredients and don’t just rely on what the company tells you about “Mindful Beauty”.

GREEN ORGANICS - These guys have a couple of stores in Sydney. They offer a good selection of natural products with some being vegan. The website’s a little bit hard to navigate and I can’t seem to find a way to filter the vegan products so I think you will just have to read the ingredients/Google if a product is vegan or not.

At the end of the day, whether you are shopping online or in-store, you should always make sure you are informed about the products you are buying and the places you are buying them from.

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